Engineered Products

Better Header®

Take the hassle out of building it yourself. Eliminate hours of unnecessary labor. Take advantage of the features of Better Header®. Stronger flitch plate headers (the original engineered lumber) Pre-fabbed Sandwich Plate System Requires No Assembly. Quick and easy with no furring. Ready to Finish. Less expensive than building it yourself. Custom cut to your length. Most beams ship in 72 hours.

Only Better Header® offers you the patented PFS FASTENING SYSTEMDesigned by engineers and manufactured in-house at their state-of-the-art facility. This multi-angle, pre-fitted steel nut allows for maximum compression without compromising the structural integrity of the lumber. The PFS system, combined with grade 5 bolts, provides the ultimate strength and eliminates the need for furring... making every project a success.

Simpson Strong-Tie®

Their primary objective is to help build safer structures. From its first year of operation, Simpson Strong-Tie® has led the timber connector industry in hanger design, and they're the choice of quality building professionals. Today, they hold more patents than all of their competition in the structural timber industry combined. In addition, their systems approach to the building process addresses complex engineering and construction issues through cutting-edge innovations in Research and Development, Testing and Manufacturing. Choose Tuckerton Lumber Company for professionally engineered products.