About Us

At Tuckerton Lumber Company we have worked hard to establish and maintain a solid reputation for quality products at competitive pricing. Tuckerton Lumber Company has met the needs of professional builders and the do-it-yourself market alike with over 35,000 items to offer.

In 1932, a branch of Evernham Lumber Company was purchased by my grandfather, Dr. Fred N. Bunnell, from his uncle and Tuckerton Lumber Company opened its doors in Tuckerton. In 1945, we opened a small store on LBI and the demand for goods resulted in several busy years and several expansions to the store. By 1949, we were a lumber yard, hardware store and a house wares supplier to all of the local and summer residents on the island.

Trusted locally for over 85 Years

My mother and father, Mildred and Fred Bunnell, got it all started and enjoyed many years running the business. In 1965, they handed the “day to day” operations over to my husband Ed Laird and I. In the 1980’s, we were joined by my son Bruce Bunnell Nelson, son-in-law Tim Harrigle, and my daughter, Elizabeth Harrigle. So, looking back over 80 years, it is amazing to see the growth of this area and of our business as well, and how rewarding it is to work with family through generations. Again, many thanks to all of you for being a part of our lives and making Tuckerton Lumber Company the successful business that it is today. - Claire Laird, TLC Owner/Founder