Drywall and Insulation

Tuckerton Lumber carries a complete inventory of drywall and insulation products. We also carry finishing products including tape and spackling compounds. Our local sales associate can help you with selecting the proper product for your specific application.

Gypsum Board

Gold Bond® BRAND Gypsum Board panels consist of a fire-resistant gypsum core encased in heavy natural-finish, 100% recycled paper on the face and back sides. The face paper is folded around the long edges to reinforce and protect the core, and the ends are square-cut and finished smooth. For speed of installation, GridMarX® guide marks are printed on the paper surface. In addition to the standard Gypsum Board, TLC stocks a variety of Gold Bond® products and can satisfy special orders when the application calls for a unique product.


Insulation increases energy efficiency, helps with moisture and provides comfortable interior temperatures. Tuckerton Lumber has a full line of insulation products for your next residential or commercial project. TLC can help you select the right product for your next project. Johns Manville home insulation products offer you superior quality and safety to help improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Regardless of where you start insulating (attic, basement, etc.), JM has insulation choices to match your needs and budget.