Zenith RG6 18AWG Coaxial Cable VG110006B (100 ft)


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The Zenith RG6 18AWG Coaxial Cable with black finish connects numerous different video devices. It's shielded exterior insures maximum signal with minimum interference. It's easy to install feature allows for a direct plug in with any F connector jack making it perfect for compatible antennas, computer networks, digital audio, and cable television.
Connects video components
Premium quality provides durability while eliminating inference and noise
Terminated with F Connectors
18 AWG
Available in:
3 Foot - Model #VG100306B
6 Foot - Model #VG100606B
12 Foot - Model #VG101206B
25 Foot - Model #VG102506B
50 Foot - Model #VG105006B
100 Foot - Model #VG110006B