Zenith Feed Thru F Connectors | VA1002RG6FT (2 pack)


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Product Dimensions: 0.77" L x 0.45" W x 0.45" D

The Zenith Feed Thru F Connectors come in a a 2 or 10 piece pack to assist in the connection of 2 or more coaxial cables for a further reach while providing a clean connection point for wired electronics. The feed-through design allows cable to be hidden within walls or cabinetry and can be used with modular wallplates and multi-media panels.

Connects two RG6 coaxial cables
Simple screw-in installation
For use with 18 AWG wires
Gold finish
Available in:
2 Pack - Model #VA1002RG6FT
10 Pack - Model #VA1010RG6FT