Feit Electric 40W Replacement G25 Soft White Dimmable White Enhance Glass Filament Globe LED (3-Pack) (40 Watts)

Feit Electric

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Enjoy classic style and modern reliability and energy savings, with the Feit Electric Enhance Filament LED light bulbs. Featuring our highest quality and most energy efficient light, this beautiful high performance bulb has a high (CRI) of 90+ so colors appear more realistic and vibrant. Combining innovative LED technology with filament strips, the bulbs provide the benefits of LEDs with the look of a traditional bulb. Filament LEDs will last for years, and use just a fraction of the energy of an incandescent, saving you time and money. The versatile Globe LED soft white light is fully dimmable and suitable for a variety of decorative fixtures including bath and vanity and pendant lights

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